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Sister Linda and Family

My family and I were in the process of moving. We found a house we loved and we gave a deposit, but after inspection mold was discovered and the seller was not willing to fix the mold, at such they said they would refund the deposit after seven business days. The reality was our family needed to relocate in 30 day as we had already sold our own house. We attended Friday service in disarray but believed God for a miracle. After the service Pastor came up to me and asked what our plan was. I said even if we got a house that day we wouldn’t have any money to put down as the money was stuck with the previous seller. Pastor said “go look for a place and if they ask for a deposit give them a personal check.”, which did not sound reasonable but on Saturday we went looking for a place and found one we loved. We explained to the seller that our money was stuck so we had no bank draft. To our surprise and God’s glory they accepted my personal check just as Pastor said. Today we are living in that house. Glory to God for intervening in the affairs of men.


Sis. Aariana

2020 was a very difficult and challenging year, but meeting Pastor Clement and being a part of his ministry was the best thing that happened to me. I am forever grateful to God for bringing me to this ministry. I want to encourage everyone out there, if you want a place where the truth of the Kingdom is preached and practiced, Great Grace Ministries is the place to be. God bless you!


Br. Abraham

I want to thank God and the ministry of Pst.Clement for helping grow in Christ. Before I came to Great Grace Ministries I was totally dependent on others praying for me. Since I joined Great Grace Ministries I have learned how to pray for myself and others effectively. I was in the process of selling my house and for some reason it wasn’t selling. I called Pastor and he joined me in prayer about the situation and within days I received multiple offers and closed the property above target price in a month. I want to thank God and my pastor for their leadership and guidance.



I was visiting my children and grandchildren in Canada when I was introduced to Great Grace Ministries. I fell in love with the message and simplicity of Pst.Clement’s teachings. I want to specially thank God for the miracle I received after Pastor prayed with me on the phone. I was practically bedridden for three days up until Pastor called, and after prayers ask me to go and shower. I could not understand why he would ask me to do so, as I could not move but I followed spiritual instructions and when I was done I was completely fine. I want to give glory to the God that answers prayers and encourage others to follow spiritual instructions.


Sis. Janice

I was living in Canada without a work permit. Then I met Pst.Clement and my family and I joined Great Grace Ministries while they were still worshiping in the living room. The church was so helpful and supportive towards me and my family spiritually, and physically. I was given the opportunity to organize a Vacation Bible School and at the end of the program I received my work permit. This Church helped me ground myself in a time of uncertainty and I’m forever grateful. Glory be to God!

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