Partner With Us

Giving is an act of Faith



Partnership is a relationship between two or more people who share responsibility in a common activity to achieve a common goal (Ecclesiastes 4:9). To be in partnership with GGM means that you prayerfully and financially support one or more of our various partnership arms that have been designed to take the gospel to the ends of the world.


Every big act of God begins with a small step of faith. Giving is an act of faith demonstrating that God is your source. when you give in the physical , you set into motion in the spirit realm , Harvest, Favor, Open doors, Opportunities and Security.


Giving is also a form of worship, honour and prayers to God with or without words. Giving help you create room to receive more than you gave. But when the intention behind an offering is wrong, it is a bribe. God don’t want your bribe but your offering.