Food Bank

Food Bank Donation Statistics


The financial impact of COVID-19 has been devastating, causing millions to seek financial emergency help for rent, food, utilities, transportation, and other critical expenses.


Great Grace Ministries has operated a food bank in the country of our church resident! The Food Bank initiative is one of the many ways we reach out to our communities and members. We are grateful for all donations – both financial and food-wise and for our many volunteers.


We are staffed by a large crew of volunteers & always welcome more. High School students looking for volunteer hours are urged to contact the church office to be in touch with the Volunteer Coordinators.


$38 731

worth of rescued food in our community


64 133

number of equivalent meals we’ve rescued


17 112

Kilograms of GHGs averted lessening our environmental footprint

GMM donating food to Imani's Place, a safe haven to end domestic violence and human trafficking against wemen